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Warehouse management requires a great deal of time, responsibility, and knowledge. Staying on top of the latest trends, best practices, and technologies for making their operations run efficiently and cost effectively is a top priority for warehouse management professionals. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for warehouse management professionals to find the time to attend conferences and professional gatherings. That’s why we have rounded up some of the top warehouse management presentations and slide decks from industry experts, thought leaders, and warehouse authorities.

Covering topics such as warehouse layout and planning, lean warehousing principles, management tips, and productivity, the following warehouse management presentations and slide decks contain case studies, strategies, and other helpful information for warehouse management professionals. From inventory and staffing to costs and scanning methods, these resources deliver content that is sure to inspire innovative and creative practices in your warehouse. Please note, we have listed our 50 top warehouse management presentations and slide decks here, in no particularorder.

1. Warehouse Management Best Practices

A leading social, mobile, analytics, and cloud company, Contus delivers innovative solutions through their products and services for global clients. In Warehouse Management Best Practices, Contus digital marketing executive Meena V explores strategies for warehouse control that increase revenue.

Three key tips we like from Management Best Practices:

  • Analyze warehouse layout for efficient use of space; consider the low- and high-selling products
  • Avoid mixing several SKUs in one bin
  • Store frequently picked items near the shipping area for quick pickups and dispatch

2. Cold Storage Warehouse Best Practices: Warehouse Layout Optimization

Datex is a leading developer of software solutions for the 3PL, cold storage, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing industries. Datex marketing coordinator Angela Carver presents best practices for cold storage warehouse layout in this SlideShare presentation.

Three key tips we like from Cold Storage Warehouse Best Practices: Warehouse Layout Optimization:

  • Warehouse design negatively impacts productivity when staff has to travel through inefficient layouts or work in insufficiently designated and marked areas
  • Cold storage facilities that lead the industry in efficiency are divided into functional areas with each zone serving to support operational processes
  • Gather historical and projected volume data using inventory management tool for WMS to determine what the location and size of each zone should be

3. Benchmarking & Best Practices: Increasing Productivity & Warehouse Efficiency

The Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC) is an association of logistics and distribution professionals. At the Consumer Goods Supply Chain Officer Summit in Shanghai, China, WERC CEO Michael Mikitka presented Benchmarking & Best Practices: Increasing Productivity & Warehouse Efficiency to offer a step-by-step description of an ideal approach to benchmarking for warehouse professionals.

Three key tips we like from Benchmarking & Best Practices: Increasing Productivity & Warehouse Efficiency:

  • Qualitative and quantitative benchmarking should go hand-in-hand
  • Successful benchmarking should include planning, measuring, comparing, and acting steps
  • Begin setting benchmarking priorities by beginning with a vision statement and values

4. Find Savings in the Warehouse: Five Ways to Discover Supply Chain Cost Savings Through Operations

UPS connects the world via global trade, sustainability, and logistics. Their warehouse management presentation, available on SlideShare, highlights five ways to uncover cost savings through operations as apart of a comprehensive approach to managing costs in the supply chain.

Three key tips we like from Find Savings in the Warehouse: Five Ways to Discover Supply Chain Cost Savings through Operations:

  • Labor cost is a major challenge in managing costs, according to 50% of supply chain executives
  • To save costs, reconsider inventory and order management control systems
  • You may save money by reevaluating supply chain security and regulatory compliance costs

5. Saving Time and Money in Warehouse Operations

interlinkONE develops software to simplify how organizations engage audiences. In this warehouse management presentation from the MFSA Annual Conference, interlinkONE VP of sales Karen DeWolfe outlines strategies, technologies, tools, and tips to help organizations streamline inventory management and order fulfillment processes.

Three key tips we like from Saving Time and Money in Warehouse Operations:

  • Look for improvement in online ordering portals, inventory management, and automation and customer service
  • Utilize print on demand to reduce costs in storage, handling, and inventory accounting
  • Constantly analyze the picking process to determine whether the most popular inventory is accessible and to ensure pick tickets send staff on the right path

6. Trends in Warehouse Automation

Capgemini Consulting, a firm of transformational consultants that help organizations transition to the digital world, and SAP, a leading provider of business software, teamed up to present case studies and thought leadership in Trends in Warehouse Automation. This warehouse management slide deck was presented at the NAW distribution roundtable.

Three key tips we like from Trends in Warehouse Automation:

  • Augmented reality solutions often provide a better alternative to handheld devices because they allow workers to scan barcodes using a head-mounted display
  • Innovations in pallet and forklift tracking are improving productivity and inventory accuracy
  • Automated standard fork lifts lower operating costs and labor, reduce maintenance, and improve safety

7. Supply Chain Transformation – From First to the Last Mile

In Supply Chain Transformation – From First to the Last Mile, SAP solution management and extended supply chain expert Kris Gorrepati explores market and technology trends that prompt organizations to transform warehouse management and other logistics. Gorrepati also examines how the supply chain has evolved over the past century.

Three key tips we like from Supply Chain Transformation – From First to the Last Mile:

  • Omni-channel and e-Commerce trends are driving supply chains today
  • Responsive and intelligent order fulfillment solutions provide quicker, more cost-effective alternatives
  • Inventory management requires appropriate inventory positioning and agility

8. Warehousing and Storage Market in the US 2015-2019

Technavio provides market research reports that are actionable, strategic, competitive, and customer intelligence-related to leading companies worldwide. Their warehouse management slide deck, Warehousing and Storage Market in the US 2015-2019, shares analysts’ forecasts for the warehousing and storage market that show it growing at a CAGR of 6.93% over the five-year period.

Three key tips we like from Warehousing and Storage Market in the US 2015-2019:

  • Warehousing and storage in the US is growing because of export activities and increased trade activities
  • Warehouse management executives should understand the key drivers influencing the market, the challenges faced by the market, activities of the stakeholders, and the major trends that will shape the future of the market
  • Key buying criteria include the location and connectivity of the warehouse to the main business facility, cost effectiveness to shippers, warehouse storage capacity, and the value-added services provided by warehouse service providers

9. 10 Easy-to-Implement Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Management Process

The Calgary Regional Partnership is a collaborative effort of local municipalities that work together for a prosperous future in the region. They offer tips for improving warehouse management processes, such as creating smaller warehouses within a warehouse, in this slide deck.

Three key tips we like from 10 Easy-to-Implement Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Management Process:

  • Review your current picking method
  • Use software to sequence orders
  • Create wheelhouse zones in your picking area

10. Top 7 Tips for Ecommerce Warehouse Management & Order Fulfillment

Peoplevox builds warehouse management software specifically for e-Commerce and multi-channel retailers, and they share tips specifically for e-Commerce warehouse management in this brief slide deck. Peoplevox founder and CEO Jonathan Bellwood delivered this particular warehouse management presentation at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst.

Three key tips we like from Top 7 Tips for Ecommerce Warehouse Management & Order Fulfillment:

  • Handle all fulfillment from one system
  • Utilize barcodes to ensure accuracy
  • Filter and prioritize orders

11. Improve Your Warehouse Productivity: Our Top Ten Tips

StarTrack, Australia’s trusted freight and logistic provider, works with Australia Post to make delivers easier and better. They seek to help organizations find efficiencies with their top ten tips for improving warehouse management and productivity.

Three key tips we like from Improve Your Warehouse Productivity: Our Top Ten Tips:

  • Optimize your floor plan to use your space in a way that ensures optimal efficiency
  • Place highest-selling items in the spot that has the easiest access
  • Change lighting configuration as you change your layout

12. Greg’s Top Tips for Warehouse Accuracy

Greg Dow, solution specialist at Edisoft Inc., shares tips for reducing warehouse errors to save time and money in Greg’s Top Tips for Warehouse Accuracy. This slide deck is the white paper version of a presentation Dow prepared to demonstrate some of the most common warehouse design errors and solutions.

Three key tips we like from Greg’s Top Tips for Warehouse Accuracy:

  • Ensure the legibility of barcodes by considering font size, and consider using optical cues such as punctuation, font changes, underlines, and boxes, in long codes
  • Keep your technology as simple as possible for data entry
  • Match your barcodes to your scanners by accounting for scanning ranges and testing intended readers and scanners with your barcodes before you make a purchase

13. Improving Warehouse Productivity Without Resorting to Tier 1 Technology

Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors provide guidance on the processes, designs, and technologies that improve supply chain performance. Their presentation from the WERC Conference helps warehouse managers answer how to improve warehouse problems without making a large capital investment.

Three key tips we like from Improving Warehouse Productivity Without Resorting to Tier 1 Technology:

  • Some organizations may find that strategies address their challenges well enough that they don’t need to make a large capital investment in technology
  • It may be better for organizations to focus on mid-tier WMS systems
  • Consider SaaS solutions rather than on-site WMS solutions

14. Why Benchmark Warehouse Productivity?

KOMSystems offer advanced supply chain applications. Their warehouse management slide deck examines distribution center productivity benchmarking and explores the benefits of the practice, including uncovering improvement opportunities, increasing profitability, justifying costly operational improvements, identifying industry trends, and enhancing internal productivity monitoring solutions.

Three key tips we like from Why Benchmark Warehouse Productivity?:

  • When warehouse managers benchmark productivity, they are in a better position to increase profitability and reduce operating costs
  • Productivity benchmarking enables warehouse management to evaluate the impact of best practices and new technology
  • Scrutinize warehouse activities to identify and eliminate inefficiencies

15. Strategies for Making Your Warehouse More Efficient

Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) is a leader in steel shelving and industrial storage solutions. They outline the benefits of maximizing warehouse productivity and offer tips on warehouse shelving and layout in this warehouse management slide deck.

Three key tips we like from Strategies for Making Your Warehouse More Efficient:

  • Automate inventory control and use barcodes to automatically update inventory
  • Use industrial storage, such as strong, elevated steel shelves and pallet racks and rollers, to provide safe and easy access to products and materials
  • Create an organized order picking system that enables proper workflow

16. Improve Warehouse Productivity – Business Breakfast Session

Turnaround Services Global is an Australian business that works to help business leaders around the globe. Improve Warehouse Productivity – Business Breakfast Session is a presentation delivered by Sukesh Ned, Turnaround Services Global general manager, that focuses on optimizing warehouse productivity using several techniques such as industrial engineering, automated processes, staff redeployment, and more.

Three key tips we like from Improve Warehouse Productivity – Business Breakfast Session:

  • Warehouse managers need to embrace the changing industry landscape in order to remain competitive
  • Understand, observe, and excite customers to enhance value
  • Monitor inventory, optimize safety stocks and reorder quantities, and use ABC/FSN analysis for products in order to reduce inventory costs

17. Lean Warehousing – Respecting Excellence

LeanCor is a supply chain partner that specializes in lean principles to deliver operational improvement. LeanCor’s Lean Warehousing – Respecting Excellence presents a case study on cultural development in a distribution environment and is part of their webinar on the ways in which deploying a customize approach to continuous improvement in the warehouse leads to higher productivity, lower costs, and decreased turnover rates.

Three key tips we like from Lean Warehousing – Respecting Excellence:

  • Warehouse management needs to change behavior to change thinking
  • Lean warehousing includes a variety of elements, including collaboration, inventory reduction, visibility, and gaining the highest customer value at the lowest total cost, among others
  • Organizations must be able to identify their key performance drivers in the warehouse in order to make improvements

18. How Mobile Printing Can Help Improve Warehouse Operations

Datex marketing coordinator Angela Carver examines the benefits of using mobile printers in warehouse facilities in this warehouse management slide deck. As Carver points out, mobile printers are becoming a widely used technology because they play a part in eliminating operator errors and associated costs.

Three key tips we like from How Mobile Printing Can Help Improve Warehouse Operations:

  • Mobile printers can produce labels to attach to inventory and become especially efficient when paired with barcoding systems
  • Mobile printing requires 1/4 the time that fixed printers require
  • Mobile printers can print inventory barcodes when received onto the dock and print shipping labels with cross dock information, which helps to increase the accuracy of fast-moving items

19. Do You Have a “Strategy for Speed?” Start by Conquering the “10 Plus Wastes”

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