Dropping The Atomic Bomb Essay

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President Harry Truman, 33rd president of the United States, had to face one of the most effective decisions of mankind. The atomic bomb was first served as an idea which was created underneath the United States government. With a nuclear weapon like the atomic bomb, came great responsibility. The idea of how to use and regulate the bomb was not yet implemented. Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb changed the way Americans thought about war because of its traumatic after effects.
Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration the atomic bomb was being developed. After Roosevelt died, his vice president Harry Truman was appointed President of the United States. Truman was never informed about the bombs development until an…show more content…

The decision was finally made, Truman declared that the bomb was going to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman and his collaborators were doing the unthinkable, they were gambling with the near future (Kuznick 3). The embracing of the nuclear weapons for defense would then turn into great fatal casualties which was warned by critics (Powers 1).
The world was informed on August 6, 1945, United States president Harry Truman had dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima (Donohue 1). Since the attack was a surprise, the citizens of Japan had not taken shelter. The attack was only forty-five minutes after the Japanese people sounded the "all clear" alarm from a previous alert that day. About 245,000 Japanese citizens had been present in the city at the time of the attack (Clancey 1-2). Hovering over Hiroshima was a bomb, of 200,000 tons of TNT, called ‘Little Boy’ which destroyed most of the city of Hiroshima (Donohue 1). This was the first massive weapon to explode over the city that had countless of attacks. Two to three hours later after the explosion a "fire-wind" at a great speed of thirty to forty miles per hour appeared over the city (Clancey 1) . Hiroshima was one of the largest cities in Japan with a population greater than 340,000 and home to their Regional and Second Army (2). Nagasaki was a city in Japan that was familiar with attacks (3). On August 9, the second

The Benefits of Dropping an Atomic Bomb on Japan Essay

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Angelina Jolie said, “Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to windows, without it, there is no way of life.” On August 6, 1945 the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a small city whose death toll rises to 90,000-166,000. On August 9th, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, 60,000–80,000 . In total, 15 million people lost their lives during the duration of the Second World War. In John Hersey's book, Hiroshima, he provides a detailed account of six people and how the bombing of Hiroshima affected their lives. John Heresy felt it was important to focus his story on six individuals to create a remembrance that war affects more…show more content…

Though people questioned why acts of war were committed, they found justification in rationalizing that it served the greater good. As time evolved, the world began to evolve in its thinking and view of the atomic bomb and war. In Hiroshima, John Hersey has a conversation with a survivor of the atomic bomb about the general nature of war. “She had firsthand knowledge of the cruelty of the atomic bomb, but she felt that more notice should be given to the causes than to the instruments of total war.” (Hersey, 122). In John Hersey’s book, many concepts are discussed. The most important concept for the reader to identify was how society viewed the use of the bomb. Many people, including survivors, have chosen to look past the bomb itself, into the deeper issues the bomb represents. The same should apply to us. Since WWII, we have set up many restrictions, protocols and preventions in the hope that we could spare our society from total nuclear war. The world has benefited in our perspective of the bomb because we learned, understand, and fear the use of atomic weapons. The dropping of the atomic bomb has been significant in understanding the long term effects that radiation has on the body. It was important that the bomb be used in order for our society to comprehend the repercussions of nuclear warfare. In the book Hiroshima, a survivor named Rev. Kiyoshi Tanimoto briefly describes a commission set up by the United States

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