Gevirtz Homework Project Ideas

With two kids in different parts of their school career, I’ve had visions of them sitting nicely together at our big family desk working on homework.

That has yet to happen.

I’ve also thought that they could use the big dining room table.


One day, when they don’t need help or have questions for me, they’ll do their homework in their rooms – I think. At this point, however, the favored work area is on the couch after running around trying to find a pencil – that is sharpened – and has enough eraser – and scratch paper – markers – highlighters – scissor – calculator.

Fed up with the homework chaos, I’ve tried two different homework organization techniques with them. The Homework Board and the Homework Box. Below is a little more about each and at what times they worked best for us.  I’ve also included a project-planning template below that you can print out for your own children!

The Homework Board:

Essentially it is a foam board, or even a piece of cardboard, with a number line, alphabet line, homework quick tip charts, pockets for pencils, and other small essentials.

This worked great when my girls were in Kindergarten through third grade. The handy references and boards helped them block out distraction while doing homework. (This, of course, was when I could get them to sit at the table and do their homework). Nonetheless, it was great while it worked for them.

The Homework Box:

This is a new system we have put in place. I used a scrapbook paper box for each (from the craft store) and filled them with paper, pencils (especially mechanical pencils – no sharpener needed), a large eraser, paperclips, markers, scissors, glue sticks, dice (for math games), calculator (if needed) and the same type of handy quick reference charts I used on the homework board . . . all the things they each need for their grade levels.

The lid is a great work surface, as it is 12×12 inches, and all of the supplies they need are inside.

They stack nicely in our living room to keep the clutter hidden.

We did have to implement a rule that they are ONLY used for homework . . . not for craft projects. The girls are in 3rd and 7th

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