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Prizes are useful additions to your CV, demonstrating both a commitment to a surgical career and achievement of excellence. Winning is not necessary for inclusion – being short-listed or getting any kind of placing will still be a CV boost. 

The Annual Professor Harold Ellis Medical Student Prize For Surgery

This prestigious national award is open to all UK medical students and the winner receives a prize of £500. The surgical society at the universities of the three prize winners will also receive £100 each. We are not currently accepting entries for this prize.

The 2015 guidance and regulations are available for information. Please send any queries to 

The topic for the 2015 essay competition was: 'Is public health a surgical concern? The role of the surgeon in promoting healthy lifestyles'. Short-listed candidates were invited to give a five minute presentation on "The Role of Social Media for Modern Surgeons".

2016 winners

  1. Owen Davis of University of Keele - Owen's presentation
  2. Molly Nielsen of University of Newcastle - Molly's presentation
  3. Richard Bartlett of University College London - Richard's presentation

2015 winners

  1. Jacob King of Peninsula - Jacob's presentation
  2. Michael Bath of Leicester - Michael's presentation
  3. John Eraifej of Birmingham - John's presentation

2014 winners

  1. Elizabeth Redman of UCL - Elizabeth's presentation
  2. Wei Cheang of Dundee University - Wei's presentation (joint)
  3. James Baggott of Kings College London - James' presentation (joint)

Read a report of the 2014 prize day written by the joint second prize winners.

2013 winners

  1. David Ferguson of University of Leicester
  2. Ibrahim Sheriff of Kings College London
  3. James Glasbey of Cardiff University 

2012 winners

  1. Maral Rouhani of Cambridge University - Presentation | Notes
  2. Mueez Waqar of Liverpool University - Presentation | Notes
  3. Emma Keohane of Barts and the London - Emma's presentation | Notes (joint)
  4. Jason Yuen of Oxford University - Presentation | Notes (joint)

Other prizes

Many medical schools and surgical societies also run competitions for students. If you run a prize for students and you would like us to include it in this list please email us. 

What to read next

Careers Medical student

2018 TOPIC : "What can ENT UK do to improve care in the developing world?"

Much has been said about undergraduate medical education over the years but it seems that little changes: as far back as 1979 the Council of the British Association of Otolaryngologists (BAO) considered how best to generate interest in ENT and to encourage undergraduate medical students into the Specialty.

How better to achieve these aims than by establishing a competition and to offer a prize to the winner? It is no surprise that the idea of awarding the prize on the basis of the results of a multiple choice exam was rejected in favour of an essay competition for undergraduates and the first Undergraduate Essay Prize was awarded in 1981 for an essay entitled "The Social Handicap of Deafness" and the prize continues to be awarded annually to a clinical medical student for an essay the title of which is published each year.

The tradition initiated so many years ago continues to flourish under the auspices of ENT UK.

Deadline: 31st August 2018 

Congratulations to the winning candidate Declan Murphy for their essay for 2017  titled "Global Health: What Does it Mean for ENT?"

Click here to read the essay

Past titles include:

2010 - "Modern Medicine Benefits the Individual but not Humanity"

2011 - "Discuss the Importance of Plasticity in the Auditory Pathway"

2012 - "What Evidence is there that ENT Operations are Effective?"

2013 - "Endoscopic nasal surgery - a surgical fashion or genuine progress?"

2014 -  "In the face of increrasing sub-specialisation, how does the speciality ensure that the management of ENT emergencies is timely,appropriate and safe"

2015 - "How will rising antibiotic resistance impact on otorhinolaryngology?"

2016- "Is the head and neck surgeon an endangered species?"

Procedure :

1. ENT UK will award a prize of £500.00 for an essay of not more than 3,000 words on the subject specified above written by a clinical medical student.

2. Students who have graduated, but who have not yet commenced clinical training, are eligible to make a submission provided this is done before leaving Medical School.

3. The deadline has now been extended, essays must now be sent by e‐mail to  no later than 31st August 2017. Your covering e‐mail should include your full name, contact details, name of Medical School and Dean.

4. To ensure impartiality entries will be judged anonymously by an adjudicator appointed by ENT UK.

5. The winner of the Essay Prize will be notified and will be invited to attend the ENT UK Annual General Meeting when a certificate and cheque will be presented.

6. The winning essay will be posted on the SFO UK website

7. The winner will also be invited to join the SFO Committee

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