Iranian Hostage Crisis Research Paper

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Foreign Policy

It is here that most Americans, if they are watching television, can get a view of the candidates at work and showing what their selling skills to the people of America are. Yet, a truly interested voter will take the time to investigate the issues and determine the truth of what each candidate says about these issues.

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Is Iran a threat to the U.S

Additionally, the Islamic Republic shows open hostility towards key American allies in the region, i.e. Israel; The religious-political establishment of Iran, backed by the Revolutionary Guards’ high command, has repeatedly stated that would not hesitate to launch pre-emptive strikes on the country’s enemies if Iran’s national interests are endangered1; According to Israeli and Western government and intelligence sources, Iran runs a large, diverse and steadily expanding ballistic missile arsenal2, which includes missiles with a range of 2500 km such as Shahab-3b3.

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Iran Hostage Crisis (American History)

eloped when the Muslim student followers planned for a short hold on the embassy, which slowly changed due to the support it received and also the delay in terms of U.S President Jimmy Cater’s failure to deliver an ultimatum to Iran. The failure of the President to be strong

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U.S. Foreign Policy- Iran Hostage Crisis

The incident is reported as the greatest failure of diplomatic ties between two countries; Iran violated the internationally accepted and acclaimed law of diplomatic

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Kuwaits Foreign Policy

Because of strategic importance, Kuwait’s foreign policies are often watched with curiosity by the external political observers because if its strategic location in the middle east2. Even though a well-developed country economically,

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Hostage Crisis of 1979

vernment since 1953.1 The Iran Hostage Crisis began when the pro Ayatollah student broke into the US embassy in Iran and took about 66 people hostage. Thirteen hostages were later freed, bringing the number down to 53. Another hostage was later released in 1980 bringing the

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Instigation of the hostage crisis of 1979

The crisis was viewed by the western media to perceived as be a very huge blow on the side of to the US government, which had, over the years struggled to maintain strong ties with the Iranian government since 1953.

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The Iran Hostage Crisis Essay

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In January 1979, Iranians opposed to the Shah’s rule invaded the American embassy in Tehran and held a group of 52 American diplomats and other hostages for 444 days. The Shah left Iran and the victorious Ayatollah Khomeini returned that February. Of the approximately 90 people inside the embassy, 52 remained in captivity until the end of the crisis. The reputation of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the hostage taking was further enhanced with the failure of a hostage rescue attempt that cost lives. The Ayatollah Khomeini set forth several demands to be met prior to the release of the hostages. The US had options of their own; however, the risk to the hostages required the utmost consideration. In order to secure their freedom, outgoing…show more content…

Furthermore, the Shah purchased billions of dollars worth of weapons of security from the US. In 1979 the realm was overthrown by extreme Islam’s that were followers of Ayatollah Khomeini. The intention of the Iranian students was to display their displeasure against the Shah. Their demand was the return of the Shah for a trial followed by his death. In addition, they asked that the US stay out of their country’s affairs. Carter’s approach required the safeguarding of American hostages but also guaranteed an alliance with Iran. Carter’s tactics on the situation had devastating effects on his run for re-election (Hamilton, 1982).
The holding of hostages continued for month’s event after the death of the Shah. Throughout their captivity, the hostages were paraded in front of the media. Though the hostage takers were not members of the Iranian government or military, their allegiance to Khomeini and the Islamic government shaped a worldwide crisis. Wikipedia, Hector Villalon and Christian Bourget began the initial negotiations for the release of the hostages. They “delivered a formal request to Panama for extradition of the Shah” which was "a pretext to cover secret negotiations to free the American hostages." This happened as the Soviets invaded Iran's neighbor Afghanistan an event America hoped would "illustrate the threat" of its superpower neighbor and need for better relations with the

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